Formed from the frustration and lack of quality and reliability in the home improvement industry, The Loft Shop provides nothing but 100% quality products and services. Focusing on homes, offices, duplex and industrial applications.

We pride ourselves in our quality work and the finishing’s left by our expert carpenters and team members. All the Staff of The Loft Shop are specialised in their particular area of expertises, thus bringing the best of all worlds together to form a well maintained machine that functions with little to no problems.

Our directors being diverse in experience assure that knowledge from the past and future expansion will be not only possible but would also have the best effect on the business moving forward.

Allowing for constant change The Loft Shop is always looking for ways and means to remain at that top of its industry by exploring new material, concepts and ways in which ideas and natural materials can be combined in modern manners.

We can offer you the following:

Loft Windows, Loft Doors, Loft Storage, Loft Conversions, Loft Ideas, Loft Design, Loft Floor Plans, Loft Stairs, Loft Bathrooms, Loft Access, Loft Ladders, Lofts, Loft Storage Conversion, Loft Insulation and Heating, Loft Electronics, Loft Insulation, Loft Sky lights, Loft Shutters, Loft Roller Blinds, Loft Venetian Blinds, Loft Replacement Windows, Loft Roof Access, Loft Escape Access, Loft Floors, Loft Flooring, Loft Walls, Loft Ceilings, Loft Modular Windows, Loft Mezzanine Decks, Loft Banisters, Loft Folding Ladders and much more…..